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Each year, Caltrans holds its Annual Highway Safety Poster contest. The contest is open to the children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of Caltrans employees, and it gives the children an opportunity to express their messages about the importance of driving safely in or near highway work zones. It also allows them to be part of Caltrans’ educational outreach and life-saving message.

The contest was open to children 17 years old or younger, and judges selected posters based on creativity, how well the poster conveyed the highway safety theme and the use of color.

The winning posters appeared in the Annual Workers Memorial program and were on display at the ceremony. Although the posters differ greatly in appearance, they all convey one of these important messages, “Be Work Zone Alert” or “Move Over.”

Below are the Winning Posters and a Brief Introduction to the Creators

Winner Grand Prize

Maycie McCloud is the 12-year-old daughter of Roah McCLoud, District 3 Transportation Engineering Technician.

Two of her favorite things are the ocean and ice cream. In her free time, she enjoys painting, swimming, playing volleyball, and going to the theater.

The "Be Work Zone Alert" message is especially important and personal for her. Before Maycie was born, her grandfather was killed while flagging on a project. Her dad works on the highway sometimes, and she doesn't want to lose him, too.

Maycie McCloud Photo

Maycie McCloud
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Winner 14 – 17 year olds

Katelyn Bermudez is a 17-year-old senior at Lemoore High School.

She enjoys reading, writing, watercolor painting and playing with her dogs.

After hearing the stories from her father Hector Bermudez, District 6 Safety Specialist, Katelyn has come to realize how important it is for people to pay attention when encountering workers on the roadway.

Katelyn Bermudez

Katelyn Bermudez
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Winner 11 – 13 year olds

Sofia Lujan is a 13-year-old 8th grader who gets good grades and is especially good at math. She likes Star Wars, Hamilton and ice cream.

Her hobbies include reading and coloring, especially design books, painting and watching movies.

Her mom, Delane Hurley, who works in District 11 as an Associate Governmental Program Analyst, wants her to become an engineer, but Sofia hasn't decided yet.

Sofia wants to encourage people to be safer and slow down so Caltrans doesn't lose its employees who are working on the highways and hopes this poster will help people to think about being good drivers. 

Sofia Lujan Photo  

Sofia Lujan
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Winner 7 – 10 year olds

Yvette Chadergian's dad Gerard Chadergian, is a District 11 Senior Transportation Engineer who works in the Traffic Management Center.

The 10-year-old is fascinated with art and the human body, memorizing all the bones in the body by age 3. Yvette likes horses and enjoys drawing cartoons and learning how to cook. She also sings, along with her grandmother, in her Armenian Church Choir, which is directed by her grandfather.

This message is important because she wants her dad to come home safe each day so he can tuck her into bed.

ette Chadergian Photo

Yvette Chadergian
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Winner 6 years old and younger

Zoey Grah is the energetic 6-year-old daughter of Kathy Grah, District 2 Senior Transportation Planner.

She loves coloring, riding bikes and gymnastics, almost as much as she adores her older brother Xander.

Zoey says "move over so you don't hit a person."  

Zoey Grah Photo

Zoey Grah
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Below are the Honorable Mention Winners

14-17 years old

Spencer Cheng, 17 years old
Mother, Arlissa Pang

District 4

Honorable Mention winners Honorable Mention winners

11-13 years old

Elaine M. Dugmore, 11 years old
Father, Kenneth W. Dugmore

District 7

Honorable Mention winners Honorable Mention winners

7-10 years old

Emma Reding, 10 years old
Father, Don Reding

Headquarters Division of Engineering Services

Honorable Mention winners Honorable Mention winners

6 years old and younger

Levi Nunes, 6 years old
Mother, Tamra Nunes

District 6

Honorable Mention winners Honorable Mention winners